The Jungle Book – Concept Cover Designs

Conceptual Book Cover Designs – The Jungle Book

I was challenged to design three different book covers for the same book. One would be typography-based, another made of physical materials, and lastly, one designed in my own choice and liking.
I chose to do the classical book of The Jungle Book, written by Rudyard Kipling. I read the book a few years ago and it’s actually quite different from the movie adaptations.

Designer’s Choice Book Cover:

This design came from the idea that Shere Khan got what he deserved for being a bully and trying to hurt the innocent. Innocence struck back in the form of a flower — “the Red Flower” — as the animals call it. To humans, it is known as “fire”. I combined these three ideas together: the tiger stripes of Shere Khan, flames, and flower petals. The colors suggest flame and tiger; shape suggests all three.

Typography Book Cover:

This book cover is based on the title “The Jungle Book”. I wanted to incorporate the concept of the jungle telling the story. Well, in a way, jungles or their trees do tell a story — through tree rings. Tree rings tell us the age of trees and the conditions they faced throughout those years. Therefore, each tree has a story to tell, including this one. The cracks in the wood make up the typography of this design taken from a slice of a tree-trunk.

Physical Material Book Cover:

Most book covers for “The Jungle Book” are covered head-to-toe with leaves, trees, plants, flowers, and vegetation. I wanted to incorporate vegetation somehow but do it differently.
I took a camera and Speedlight to the BYU-I Greenhouse and took several images there. The sun was shining very brightly and fell on a branch of leaves that had a lovely dark background. The contrast was perfect. I took the image without a Speedlight and zoomed-in on the area of focus in Photoshop.
Finding the right font took some time, but placing the type next to the leaves helped draw visual focus to the right spot on the cover.

Professional Retouching

Professional Portrait Retouching – Skin & Hair

The creative agency I work for was hired to capture and print studio-style portraits to feature on the interior walls of Evan’s Hairstyling College in Rexburg, ID. This was one of the images our main photographer took and to which I had the responsibility to retouch and edit.

It was a long but rewarding process. I focused on blemish removal and stray hair removal and replacement. You can imagine how difficult it was by comparing the original to the finished image. I also spent a considerable amount of time fixing chapped lips and evening out the light and glow of the model’s face.

Original photo

Rocking Horse Ranch Logo

This logo was designed for my father’s rocking horse business startup. He gave me a lot of creative freedom with the logo design. I sketched a lot – which led me to a cool concept I focused on. I wanted to include three different elements to the logo – a horse head, the rocker arm or bow of a rocking horse, and the circular shape of a wood shaving.

Mascot Logo – Vikings

I had so much fun designing mascot logos that I made another one for what used to be Rick’s College – BYU-I. Brigham Young University – Idaho doesn’t have a mascot of competitive teams, but they were the Vikings back when it was a two-year college. Fun fact: my dad was the school mascot – Thor – when he attended Rick’s back in the day. It turned out to be a fun little project.KadenLarson_Viking_MascotLogo_LogoDesign_Rick'sCollege_BYUI_2 KadenLarson_Viking_MascotLogo_LogoDesign_Rick'sCollege_BYUI

Animation Assets – Straight Arrow Insurance

Soapbox Agency created 4 different short animations for Straight Arrow Insurance. These characters I made were included in those animations, as well as their website.


Employee on Phone




Parents & Newborn


Characters at the Table


Thinking Woman




Woman Sitting at Tree

Tree Vectors – Straight Arrow Insurance

For Straight Arrow Insurance’s asset pack, our design team made a large variety of objects. If nature was involved, we made variants to include each season.

My work on the asset pack included designing deciduous trees, shrubbery, and pine tree landscapes. Using the simple, clean-cut, and angular style of the brand the designs below were what I came up with. The trees also required different stages of life. As simple as it looks, it was an extensive and detail-oriented process to nail the gradients down just right.

Overall, it was a very rewarding project.

Larson_Trees_Spring_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Summer_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Summer_2_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Autumn_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_1_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_2_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_3_StraightArrowInsurance_VectorSHRUBBERY


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