A few photographers and I planned a fashion shoot with multiple models, including couples. We had a great turnout of models with beautiful natural and artificial lighting. Our host, Emaleeā€™s Barn Venue, was super accommodating and helpful.

This is part of a series of fashion photography captured at the venue. This particular post features couples portrait fashion photography.

The couple I spent most of my time with was the Carlsens. They looked great together and matched perfectly. Their style was a mix of classy and casual dress. It was really cool to see the contrast work perfectly for them. They did a great job modeling. This first image was taken directly in front of the barn doors while the sun was setting. I focused on composition and alignment in this shot.


This couple was similar in fashion style, with a little more classy attire for the girl. Emalee’s Barn Venue has a gorgeous two-piece, rounded, mint velvet couch. It was such a special prop to have for the setting. I captured this naturally lighted shot as the couple was posing for another photographer. I used a post in the barn as foreground.


This was perhaps my favorite shot of all taken at the photoshoot. I used one strobe Godox light for Rembrandt lighting on the girl, and as split lighting for the guy. I accopmlished this by having the male model look directly towards men and I had the female model tilt her head towards the light. This gave her that lighted triangle on the cheek. With the beautiful mint velvet couch and the overall mood and style of this couple fashion shot was amazing!


The last image features the Carlsens standing in front of Emalee’s Barn Venue. I love the blurred effect that comes from a wide aperture and zoom lens. The lights on the barn helps it to stand out and not feel like a stagnant background.


Images edited using Adobe Lightroom.