Portrait Double Exposure With The Grand Tetons

Double exposure is a creative composite where you combine two images within the silhouette of one of them. Using mask and blending modes you can add or subtract parts of each image within the dark or light parts of the other.


Light Version

Here is the combination I used for this double exposure: a portrait shot of my sister and a landscape shot of the Grand Tetons on a brisk, winter morning:

I created an alternate version with a dark, gradient background. It seems to me that this double exposure brings out the detail of the Grand Tetons better than the other. Likewise, the lighter double exposure focuses on the portrait image.


Dark Version



I created a double exposure composite in Photoshop only one other time before so I had a general understanding of how it worked. I selected and masked out the background of the portrait image and then added the Grand Tetons as a “Lighten” adjustment layer.

I did want this image to be a little different. I tried adding a texture element to it, which meant using a creative brush in Photoshop and ‘splattering it along the edges of the portrait silhouette. This brought pros and cons. Of course it looked great, but with the white background image, the detail of the mountain gets lost. However, the image doesn’t look as flat with a transition from background to silhouette. It’s so interesting the things our eyes catch and notice.

Here are my two original images I used for this creative double exposure portrait!


The Grand Tetons




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