I’m grateful for the experiences and opportunities I have been given by others to learn and grow. It gave me perspective and helped me realize how photography has many different and specific avenues. I enjoy it all, but I often found myself gravitating to three specific areas.


I had a blast recreating a movie poster – the 2017 version of King Arthur. I put a lot of time into editing and gathering the right textures and images and blending them all together into one creative piece. I gained a lot of satisfaction during the creation process and the end result. This project helped me in honing my Photoshop skills and demanding the best of myself. There is a lot of power that comes with photo editing and I’m grateful for it.





I have an interesting relationship with portrait photography. I find it difficult to communicate properly to models and assistants when I am working portraits. It’s difficult to execute ideas and concepts when you can hardly convey to others what you need them to do. However, I think I gain a tenacious drive to capture the right picture. It’s just heavenly to finally capture it. I think I like it because of reactions – the model’s reaction to how amazing they look. Which brings me to my last point – lighting.





Without light, there would be no photography. I find light to be so compelling. To harness and control auxiliary lighting correctly is a fascinating art that I hope to improve upon. I think there are moments of natural light that are simply amazing, but they are few and far between. I found that within light is color, which I’ve grown to understand and use with light. I’ve absolutely loved taking color gel portraits. Getting the right pair of color gels and creating a mood with them and the pose of the model really makes photography intriguing to me.