Product photography is successful when it is either placed in the right environment or with related objects. I attempted this with Elevate Protein – a protein shake mix produced by Melaleuca. Atypical of protein mix package design, this container featured simplicity and neutrality. It is neither masculine nor feminine and I wanted to reflect and advance the vibes of the protein mix. Here was my process:


I laid a black hoodie over a flat cardboard box in my laundry room. I draped a gray blanket over the washer to be the background. I wanted to use a separate container for the shake that didn’t have a competing brand and was clear, not translucent. After finding a glass jar, I placed the container and shake next to each other on the surface, took a scoop of the mix and laid it out in front of the two.

Noticing the colors of the package design, I used a honeycomb grid with a blue filter on a speedlite and placed it behind the box facing the background. It complimented the rest of the image very nicely. I used a second speedlite from above and took the shot with a zoom lens.



For my next product photography, I used a JBL Speaker. It looked a bit lonely by itself so I threw my JBL headphones in the shot as well. I placed the products on top of the washer – I didn’t think much of it at the time but it added a subtle reflection! I used a lightbox to get a white background, and lighted the product with a speedlite.

I did edit the image in Photoshop to remove the edge of the lightbox from the background. I dodged and burned here and there on the JBL speaker and cleaned up the specks on the headphones. I am very happy with the end result! It turned out better than I thought and much better than the original image!


Original, unedited image


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