Recreating a Movie Poster – King Arthur (2017)

Initially, I was very intimidated to try such an extensive task – this project was heavy in photography, editing, typography, and textures. The entire process turned out to be quite fun with a rewarding result. I chose to recreate the poster of King Arthur, a film released in 2017.

The Process

Photography was the first step. I set up my camera and tripod to take a self-portrait with a speedlite, trying to mimc the style of clothing, hair, of the actor, as well as his expression in the poster. It wasn’t until later that I realized that the camera angle was taken at a slightly lower angle than the actor. I took the self-portrait as a direct, level, side profile image. Looking back at the actual poster, I recognized ‘King Arthur’ had his back to the camera and turned his head to the right.

Using a similar setup, I took a picture of my roommate – Justin – and felt more successful in capturing the right angle and position for Arthur’s uncle, King Vortigern. I did some basic editing in Lightroom with the two profile images and then brought them into Photoshop. I used the Refine Edge Tool to mask out the backgrounds, brought down the saturation, and added other adjustments to reflect the original movie poster. I used the Clone Stamp tool the add more of the sheepskin collar to the jacket and removed the buttons.

I used a castle image from, made in black and white, placed a gaussian blur on it, and positioned it properly. I took some instruction from a YouTube tutorial which provided a beautiful texture that was somewhat similar to the original poster. I applied it and later used it on the “King Arthur” lettering, as well. I masked out the handle of the sword to make it gold. I also masked in the crown and added a shadow underneath to appear more natural on Justin’s head.

For the blue electricity, I drew white lines on the sword’s letterings, using the Pen Tool in Photoshop. I then added a glowing effect to recreate the blue in the electricity. And after adding some fun, mock movie credits at the bottom, that was it!

Check out this even more impressive movie poster recreation!: