Having a long exposure means having the shutter on your camera stay open longer than usual before the image is completely captured. This allows more light to enter through the sensor and is how astrophotography is captured. With the darkness of the night, a normal camera at normal settings would not be able to capture anything. However, the light emulating from the stars is constant and stacks up when you have a long exposure.

Instead of doing astrophotography, I did an indoor long exposure, light painting experiment! It turned out to be pretty fun to experiment highlighting certain areas. Here are some of the themed light painting pictures I created with objects I had:


I served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. It was a two-year experience in both India and the Philippines, but most of my time was spent in India. I didn’t bring home to many souvenirs, but I gathered the objects I had and arranged them on a table. This included: the Indian Flag, ornate elephants, a singing bowl, currency, a tiger towel, a kurta, and cap. The hard part was making sure the balance of light was even across all objects and nothing was “left in the dark”.



From the mission itself I kept many of my day-to-day objects and clothing – something you might find in the suitcase of a missionary. I’m so grateful I had the experience to serve God and to do so through His restored church. The objects included: The Book of Mormon – Another Testament of Jesus Christ; my black leather shoes I wore for the full two years; neckties, slacks, and a white dress shirt; a missionary manual called “Preach My Gospel”; my representative (missionary) name-tag, and other odd objects that reminded me of my time serving the Lord.




I was looking for one last theme for long exposure light painting and found these controllers in the living room. These belong to my roommates (I am terrible at video games), but I set these controllers up for one last pic. At first, I just had the two Xbox controllers, but I added the Nintendo Switch to add a color pop and reflection. It turned out great!!


Check out this amazing long exposure light painting!: