Sometimes photography includes the disappointment of not quite capturing what we wanted to. Whether it’s with composition or lighting, capturing your vision of the perfect image can be difficult. Luckily, there’s Photoshop, Lightroom, and a few creative ways to save photos. One of those ways is using texture. In this example, I’ll share how texture saved this image and it’s background.

Type of texture is important when you are trying to match the style of your photograph. At first I began with a wood texture, but a friend advised me to choose a better texture that would fit the style. I downloaded a crackled paint texture from


I first did some exposure editing in Lightroom. I re-cropped and expanded the image for better composition in Photoshop and did a quick blemish removal. The curtain background was a problem obviously – I decided to select, mask out, and copy the couple and the mint couch. On the original image, I placed a gaussian blur to blur out the shadow and light, and then desaturated it entirely.

I masked in the texture with “Soft Light”, reduced the opacity, and removed it from the couple and mint couch with the brush tool. Finally, I lowered the exposure on the husband’s face and increased it on the wife’s.


I wanted to love this photography, but because the light caught the curtain in the background, I couldn’t unless it was fixed. Again, gratefully a texture and Photoshop can save the day!

Check out this helpful tutorial for background replacement!