A few photographers and I planned a fashion shoot with multiple models. We had a great turnout with a great experience. Our host, Emalee’s Barn Venue was super accommodating and helpful.

This is part of a series of fashion photography captured at the venue. This particular post features men’s portrait fashion photography.


The image above is my favorite. I had one of our male models – Michael – stand directly underneath one of the low-hanging lamps in the barn. The light caught his gold-rimmed glasses perfectly. Filtering through pictures, this one didn’t stand out to me until I decided to play around with the color temperature in Lightroom. Lo and behold, it looked great! I decided to pursue it and continued making adjustments in Photoshop. If you compare the original image with the edited version, you might notice the reflection in the glasses was removed. That was a difficult process, but I did my best to “Photoshop” it out. I love the colors and the lighting in this fashion image. The jacket, skin tone, lip color, reflection and lighting was perfect!


Raw, unedited image


I did a similar setup with another model – Cameron – under the same light. I noticed his high cheekbones and wanted to emphasize them in the shot. I love the clean, serious look of this men’s fashion portrait. I also love the mix between casual with the Nike beanie, and the business style with the suit and tie. Somehow, the contrast works! It was a very stylish and attractive look for the rest of the photoshoot.


Before the sun dipped beneath the horizon, I took one of our model’s outside of Emalee’s Barn to capture some portraits with the natural lighting. Again, his gold-rimmed glasses were on point. I ran it through Lightroom for some editing, followed by Photoshop for blemish removal. I couldn’t be happier with the end results.