Just about anyone can take a photograph and get lucky with an amazing photo. More often than not – professional or not – images don’t turn out perfectly. This is where editing comes into play. Editing in Photoshop and even Lightroom can save an image and its value. In fact, it increases it tenfold. Just quickly glance down and compare the ‘Before & After’ images below. None are too extraordinary until you see the professional editing.

This first portrait was captured with a studio-lighting setup. I had a great model with great lighting. However, right behind her shoulder we can see the backlight. This would most often be deemed unusable. To feature my professional editing skills, I chose this image to edit. In Photoshop, I took steps to remove blemishes; clone stamp the background and model hair; brush in individual hair; add frequency separations; retouch and sharpened the eyes; used curves to control the shadows and highlights; used three Color Lookup Themes (or LUTS); and added two vignettes. The LUTS I used were called Crisp Warm, Foggy Night, and Filmstock.



These next two images feature images edited mostly in Lightroom with some blemish removal in Photoshop. I focused on the color with these images.

For the girl with the berries, I increased the hue of blue to bring out her lovely eye color. I increased the hue and saturation on the red/pink scale to brighten the berries, as well as the girl’s cheeks and lips. I then brought the portrait image into Photoshop and removed some of the berries from covering her chin, with some blemish removals. A quick and simple edit with a fantastic result. This was an awesome Before & After example!



The colors in this autumn image were also manipulated in Lightroom. I changed the greens and yellows to orange for consistency. I made the blues more saturated. Changing the yellows gave a nice tone to the model’s skin. Same as the last image, I took it into Photoshop for some blemish removal and finished the image. Another quick, easy, but professionally edited Before & After image!



Check out this awesome Before & After Portrait Photography Workflow!:

Complete Workflow Of A Beauty Portrait Editing Process Using Capture One Pro