For Straight Arrow Insurance’s asset pack, our design team made a large variety of objects. If nature was involved, we made variants to include each season.

My work on the asset pack included designing deciduous trees, shrubbery, and pine tree landscapes. Using the simple, clean-cut, and angular style of the brand the designs below were what I came up with. The trees also required different stages of life. As simple as it looks, it was an extensive and detail-oriented process to nail the gradients down just right.

Overall, it was a very rewarding project.

Larson_Trees_Spring_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Summer_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Summer_2_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Autumn_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_1_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_2_StraightArrowInsurance_Vector Larson_Trees_Winter_3_StraightArrowInsurance_VectorSHRUBBERY