This post is part of a fashion photography shoot that features women’s fashion. I took these images of models at Emalee’s Barn Venue, near Rexburg, Idaho. It was a beautiful venue – a large restored barn – and it was a very adaptable setting for the different needs I had throughout the shoot.

The women that posed as models did a great job in their style and matching the environment. This first image shows a classy look and style of women’s fashion. The white, flower-print dress and necklace really stood out. This was captured with natural lighting.


This second image was taken as we were setting up for the fashion shoot at Emalee’s Barn Venue. It was a casual moment where the sun was low and beautiful glow was reflecting off the model’s hair. I love the simplicity of her fashion style. It matched perfectly with the barn white barn door.


Our third model, Macall, brought her husband along with her for some couple photography shots. Looking through my pictures at the end of the day, I realized I never really separated the two. They just look great together! I chose to feature this image of her because it showed her entire fashion outfit. They had an awesome mix of sleek, stylish casual fashion.



From these fashion shots and the general portrait shots I have taken with women in the past, I’ve come to find that story, pose, and emotion is just as important in an image as lighting, composition, and color.

Images edited in Adobe Lightroom.